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          Hall Rental Includes:
*    Eight hours of hall usage (5pm- 1am)
*   Table and Chair set up                           
*  Table linens with color overlay (your choice of color)
*  Chair cover with sash 
*   Elegant decorations      
        Semi-Formal Package Includes:
   Eight Roman Style Columns decorated with drapery, spotlights
            and fern (your choice of color).

   Five main tables: Head table, cake table, gift table,
            guest sign in and toast table
   Picture Stand
   VIP room (Changing room)  
   Two hours for rehearsal practice (by request only)
   Cleaning during and after event. 
    Four flower arrangements :
   Two at head table, One at sign in table and one at toast table

In House Catering:

Package Menu: Your Choice

All Served with your choice of lemonade or iced tea.
Buffet style serving.

  Beef and Chicken Fajita Plate with rice, refried beans,
             tortillas, guacamole, pico de gallo or salsa.
   Carne Guisada Plate with rice,  refried beans or potato
                     salad, tortillas and salsa.
   Bar-B-Que Plate with slow smoked beef  brisket, chicken and
             sausage, potato salad, ranch style beans, and relish tray.

            Additional Options Include:
           Waiters           China       Fruit Table          Kids plates   
  Ice sculpture          Limousine       Cake

                     Customized Packages Available      
         All Prices are subject to change until deposit is received


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